The Allie's

The Allie's

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Starbucks morning

This morning the weather was slightly chilly out. It felt great! I am so ready for fall and this just gets me more excited. One of my favorite things to do on a cool morning is swing by Starbucks for a caramel macchiato. Once we were ready for school this morning there was enough time for Corbin and I to stop in and grab a warm drink. So I treated Corbin to a hot chocolate. He loves getting drinks from Starbucks and felt really important to have his own drink, especially when the girls working there put his name on his cup and put lots of chocolate syrup on top of his whipped cream in his drink. What a nice way to start the day. And of course I was able to get my non-fat decaf caramel macchiato. It was a perfect start to my day and I look forward to more days like this as the weather continues to cool off!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Introducing our new First Grader!

Today was Corbin's first day of 1st grade. He wasn't really sure about starting school until he got his letter in the mail from his teacher last week. Once that arrived he was ready to go! He woke up at 6:00 this morning before his alarm even went off. That was mainly because he was checking to see what the tooth fairy brought him. He was VERY excited about his $10. Ryan went into work late today and brought Corbin to school. I was able to come over and get a few pictures of him when he got there.

Here he is with his teacher, Mrs. Quintanilla. She is one of my best friends so I know he is going to have a great year!

Sitting at his desk ready to get started.

This is his girlfriend/fiance Addy. They went to the same baby-sitter in preschool and it has been a match made in heaven for 3 years now. This will be the 2nd year in a row they have been in the same class.

We went to eat at Zio's for dinner tonight. Corbin loves going there so he can dip the bread in the oil and seasonings.

He got cake for dessert. Check out the size of that piece of cake! What a way to celebrate the first day of school!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

And the tooth FINALLY comes out!!

Corbin has had a loose tooth for several weeks and we were beginning to think it was never going to come out. Corbin didn't know this, but the dentist was concerned about the adult tooth starting to grow in behind it and was thinking she might have to pull it if it didn't come out soon. Fortunately it came out tonight, the night before he starts 1st grade. What an exciting thing to be able to tell his friends tomorrow at school! When I tucked him into bed tonight I asked him about his tooth. He showed it to me and I could tell it was ready to come out. So I showed him how to push it forward and pull on it. He was afraid it might hurt but he wanted it to come out so bad he really didn't care. After a few minutes it finally came out. He immediately jumped out of bed and ran into Max's room where Ryan was putting him to sleep. He couldn't wait to tell daddy about it. I can't remember the last time I saw him that excited! It was so neat to be a part of. He wrapped his tooth up in a kleenex and put it under his pillow and wasted no time going to sleep. I wonder if he will dream about the Tooth Fairy tonight. The Tooth Fairy will be visiting him shortly and leaving him $10. He should be happy with that! Oh, and the Tooth Fairy will be leaving his tooth behind, he was really worried about that. He didn't want to see it go!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Camp Mommy Day 1

I borrowed this Camp Mommy idea from another teacher mom and this was our first year trying it. The idea is to have a fun way to end the summer. So we devoted one week to Camp Mommy. Each day we had a different theme and the days were full of fun activities.

Day 1 was water day. We started with some water balloons.

The boys had a great time throwing them at each other.

After about 5 minutes all of the balloons were gone.

Then we went to the Republic pool.

After the pool we came home and played in Max's water table.

Camp Mommy Day 1 was a huge success! The rest of the week is going to be full of fun too!

Camp Mommy Day 2

Day 2 was cooking day. We started with jello jigglers. We put the jello in the fridge first thing so it had time to cool. Then we made a cookie pizza.

After the cookie pizza we moved on to flip flop cookies. I saw these in a magazine and thought they were a cute idea. They were just Vienna Fingers iced with sour straws for the straps. So easy and so cute. Corbin really took this seriously and worked very hard on them.

Here is the finished product! They were so proud of them.

Now the best part, eating our treats. Max was so excited!

And so was Corbin.

Another fun day of Camp Mommy!

Camp Mommy Day 3

Day 3 was parkapalooza! We visited the Republic and Battlefield park and then went out to lunch.

At the Republic park Max was afraid to cross the bridge to get to the slide but once he got across it he was a happy boy.

Max peeking out of a tunnel.

Corbin really wanted to climb this tree but it just didn't work out with his flip flops on.

I got the boys to sit still under this tree for about 5 seconds, just long enough for a quick picture.

Playing on the swings with grandma at the Battlefield Park.

It was a pretty hot day so instead of having a picnic at the park like we had planned we went to Godfather's for pizza. It was delicious!

Camp Mommy Day 4

Day 4 of Camp Mommy was arts and crafts day. We started out with some painting. Max was really into this.

Both boys working hard on their masterpiece.

Then we made stick puppets using foam cut outs and popsicle sticks.

After we made our puppets Corbin decided to use them to entertain us with a puppet show.

Then Max joined in on the puppet show.
We also got playdough out but I didn't get any pictures of that. It was another fun day!

Camp Mommy Day 5

To end our fun week we took a tour of Springfield. We started the day at Krispy Kreme. The boys were so excited to get a balloon and a hat. They both had 2 donuts. Yummy!

Then we went to Jump Mania. The last time we were there Max stayed in the area for kids ages 3 and under. Not this time! He got in all the big jumpers. I was a little nervous about this but he did great and Corbin stayed right with him.

Corbin really wanted Max to climb up this ladder but of course he was too little so Corbin had to do it on his own.

After Jump Mania we went to Incredible Pizza. I was so busy chasing after the boys there that I didn't get any pictures. That night we finished our week with some sparklers outside. Then Ryan and the boys camped in a tent in the living room. It was a great week and I can't wait to do it again next summer.

A fun day at the lake

A few weeks ago we spent the day at the lake with friends from school and their kids. Ryan even took the day off to go with us. It was very hot that day so the water felt great! The boys had a blast and we ended up being there for over 4 hours. Here are some picutres of our fun day.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Corbin's first loose tooth

Corbin has his first loose tooth! He has been wanting to lose a tooth for over a year now. He keeps thinking it is just about to fall out. Unfortunately it still has a little ways to go. Hopefully it will be soon.

Carrie Underwood

I am a HUGE fan of Carrie Underwood. I loved her from the first moment I saw her on American Idol. I think she is an amazing singer and a great role model for kids. When it was announced back in February that she would be coming to Springfield I knew right that I wanted to go. Unfortunately the tickets sold out in under 2 hours and even though I tried I was not able to get tickets. The day of they show I just happened to be in the car listening to the radio when they announced that more seats had become available. So I called and was able to get us tickets. Corbin wanted to go with us too. He is also a big fan. It was a GREAT concert! She sounds great live and definitely keeps you entertained. I am so glad we went! And I hope it is something Corbin will always remember.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Corbin turns 6!

Corbin had a great birthday party this year. He has 3 of his friends over for water play and a movie. The water play turned in to just playing with water guns and the boys loved it. They also ate pizza, watermelon, ice cream and cake. Then they played with Legos and watched a movie. The next morning they had pancakes for breakfast. It was a fun night!

All the boys eating cake and ice cream.

The table with all his gifts and cupcakes.

Grant and Carson

The birthday boy!

Grant, Carson, Corbin and Taren. This looks dangerous!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Go Bluejays!

A few weeks ago the boys basketball team at Clever made it to the final four state championship. Their first game was on a Thursday afternoon so school was cancelled so that students and faculty could attend. We had been to the sectional championship game the week before and Corbin loved it so he immediately asked if we could go to the game in Columbia. We rode to the game with our friends, the Pellham's. The drive was a little wild because Corbin got car sick and threw up all over their car. Oops! But we made it there and then the real fun began. Corbin wanted to paint his face and spray his hair blue and white. He had a lot of team spirit. He ended up not really watching much of the game because he was more into his DS but he enjoyed just being there. It was a fun day and hopefully a lasting memory was made for him!

Corbin and I at the game--go Bluejays!

Corbin, Colton and Grant
All the kids getting ready to head into the game, notice the car was even sporting some school spirit!

Thursday, February 25, 2010


Corbin has been taking taekwondo since August and LOVES it! He is in the Tiny Tigers class for 4-6 year olds and he has improved so much since he started. For the past few months he has moved up to the Tiny Tigers BBC class where he gets to do sparring, use weapons and break boards. He has passed 3 rank promotion tests and is currently a white and yellow belt. Here are some pictures of him showing off his skills.