The Allie's

The Allie's

Thursday, February 25, 2010


Corbin has been taking taekwondo since August and LOVES it! He is in the Tiny Tigers class for 4-6 year olds and he has improved so much since he started. For the past few months he has moved up to the Tiny Tigers BBC class where he gets to do sparring, use weapons and break boards. He has passed 3 rank promotion tests and is currently a white and yellow belt. Here are some pictures of him showing off his skills.

I guess I'm not a good blogger!

I got off to a great start with my blog almost 2 years ago but as you can see I am slacking, big time! I am really going to try to do better now.

Last weekend we took the boys on a surprise getaway. Ryan had been working a lot of hours finishing things up at Heavy Duty so he could make the move to Logistics so we decided we needed some family fun time. We told the boys we were running errands Saturday afternoon. Corbin was not excited at all! Max didn't care or even know the difference, though. He fell asleep just about as soon as we got in the truck.

Our getaway was taking the boys to Splash Country in Branson to stay the night. Corbin also fell asleep on the way there but once he woke up and realized where we were he was pretty excited. Here is a picture of his reaction.

As you can see he was pretty excited. He LOVES staying in a hotel! The boys had a great time swimming. After we swam for a while we ate dinner and then played mini golf.

Corbin was actually pretty good and of course mommy was the best golfer! Max even played a few holes.

After mini golf Corbin won some big bouncy balls for him and Max out of a machine. He was so sweet because as soon as he won one for himself he wanted to get one for Max too before we even had a chance to suggest it to him. He is a pretty good big brother! Then we went to get ice cream and called it a night.

Sunday we had breakfast at Panera (Corbin's pick) and then did some shopping at Tanger and headed home. It was a nice little trip and it was so much fun to surprise the boys! I can't wait to do it again.