The Allie's

The Allie's

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Mommy Monday-Bunny Cupcakes

Every Monday we have Mommy Monday. This is a day devoted to just me and my boys. We come straight home from school and find something fun to do. This week, we made Bunny Cupcakes. They were a lot of work but so much fun!
Corbin is hard at work putting sprinkles on the cupcakes to look like grass.

Max is stacking up donuts to put bodies and heads on the bunnies. Here is the finished product.
Max is ready to eat one.
Check out Corbin's big smile!

Redneck Garden

We have always enjoyed having a garden. We don't always have the best garden but we always like doing the work to plant and take care of one. Last year, when Corbin got Buddy for his birthday, we decided not to plant a garden. We knew a garden with a new puppy wasn't a good idea. A year later, we still have a puppy who likes to tear up stuff, even though he is actually a year old now. So, we knew a garden wasn't a good idea for us this year either. I really wanted some fresh vegetables, though, especially since I have been doing Weight Watchers and eat so much of that now. Our solution, plant our garden in pots. We had some old pots laying around and Lowe's had Burpee plants on sale so we bought some peppers, lettuce, broccoli, cauliflower and spinach. Here's hoping our redneck garden produces lots of fresh veggies!

Friday, January 21, 2011

More snow fun!

Thursday afternoon we went outside for some more fun in the snow. Max loved playing on this sled. I would pull him down the driveway and then right back up again to do it all over. I got a good workout doing that!

Corbin wanted to build a snowman but it was not good packing snow at all so he just built a snow hill instead, which Max thought was hilarious to knock over a few times. You gotta love 2 year olds!

Corbin wanted to hide behind his hill. He is so goofy sometimes!

This morning it is very cold out again and there is still snow on the ground so we don't have school. We are again finding things to do at home. Max has enjoyed reading books on his Little Touch Leap Pad. He hasn't played with this in quite some time so that makes it even better. One of the books we have is Where the Wild Things Are, his favorite!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow...AGAIN!

Here we are, home again for another snow day. Last night and this morning it probably snowed about 3-4 inches here so I would imagine we just got a 4 day weekend. I don't see us being able to go back tomorrow, but who knows. It's really cold outside today so the boys and I are just hanging out inside keeping warm in our pjs. What a great day!

We've tried to keep Buddy in as much as possible today since it's so cold. He's gone through a few rawhides already. Look at all the little pieces all over the floor. I hope he eats all of those.
Max was happy to have powdered donuts for breakfast, what a treat!

Corbin's had fun playing the Wii Fit. What a great way to stay active on an inside day.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011--Wednesdays are CRAZY days for us! I hate them! Ryan usually goes into work pretty early so I have to get myself and both boys ready, feed them breakfast and pack lunches. We have to leave by 7:20 to have time to drop off Max at Kerri's. However, it is usually around 7:25 when we actually leave. Then I have Professional Development until 4:30 every Wednesday after school. All I can say about that is YUCK! After my meeting I rush to Kerri's to pick up the boys (Corbin rides the bus there) and then we head home. It is usually a little after 5 when we get home. We have just enough time to grab a quick bite to eat, change clothes and head out the door to get Corbin to taekwondo by 6:00. That lasts until 6:45 so it is after 7 when we get enough and then we rush to do baths and homework and get ready for bed. We don't get to spend much quality family time together on Wednesdays and all we do is rush from one place to the next all day, I hate it! Here is a picture of the boys in the car Wednesday morning getting ready to start the rushing around. They don't mind a bit, though, since they have their DS and MobiGo. Thank goodness for that.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Weekend update

Continuing with my challenge to capture our life everyday...

Thursday night was Bunco night. I get together once a month with 11 other girls to play and eat. It is so much fun! I can't tell you what I like more, the great meals, the fun game, the great laughs or the prizes. Hmmm, this month, it was definitely the prize. I won the PERFECT prize, Starbucks caramel coffee with caramel sauce and an adorable coffee mug and saucer. I am in heaven!!
Over the weekend we went to Branson with Ryan's family to celebrate our Christmas. This is our tradition, we wait until January and head out of town for the weekend. It is so nice to get to spend all that time together and just relax. Saturday the weather was nicer than it has been in several weeks so we took the boys to the Titanic to see some ice sculptures that were being carved. Max loved riding on Ryan's shoulders and checking it all out.

Corbin got a scooter from Pop and Grandma and couldn't wait to try it out. He ended up leaving big marks on the tile floor in the condo and him and Ryan had to work really hard to get up all the marks.

Monday, January 17--today the boys got haircuts. Don't worry, we didn't cut off Max's curls!

Corbin loves it when Andrea cuts his hair and spikes it up!

The boys were off school today but I had to go in for a workday. But tomorrow we are back at it, let the craziness that is our week begin.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Max in the morning

Max got up this morning ready to go to grandma's house. He wanted to take Baby Tad with him. However, he later decided he wanted to take Mickey Mouse instead. Such a silly boy! You can tell he isn't fully awake yet.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

New Year, New Challenge

I have spent a lot of time today getting caught up on our life over the past few months. It's made me realize how much I really enjoying blogging and capturing the moments of our life. That is why I enjoy scrapbooking so much. So, for 2011, I am going to try to capture a small moment of our life everyday.

So, for January 12, 2011--we are home for snow day #2. It is too cold to play outside so we are finding things to do inside the house to keep us occupied. Corbin has spent several hours playing games on my Droid. How did parents manage before electronics, lol? Corbin and Max can both navigate their way through my phone as well as Ryan's iphone. They start young....

First Snow Day

We got a few inches of snow Monday night and school was cancelled for Tuesday and Wednesday. We are still waiting to see if we will go back tomorrow. The temperature is only about 15 degrees right now so there isn't a lot of thawing going on. The boys couldn't wait to play in the snow. Santa had brought them a 2 person sled for Christmas. Even though it was bitterly cold out we still bundled up and went out for about 45 minutes.

Corbin wrote a note for Ryan in the snow. He was disappointed that Ryan couldn't stay home from work to play with us in the snow.
Here is the new sled.

Max making snow angels. He is already a pro!

Corbin's snow angels.

After being outside, the boys came in and warmed up in a hot bubble bath and then had hot chocolate and grilled cheese sandwiches. I think they had fun! It was too cold to play outside today. Hopefully we will get more snow this year and it won't be quite so cold this time!

Silver Dollar City

One of our favorite things to do for the holidays is visit Silver Dollar City. The lights are spectacular and it always puts us in the holiday spirit. This year we didn't actually make it to SDC until after Christmas. But it worked out great because it was a beatiful day, the high was around 60 (strange for December) and since it was the last day they were open they stayed open one hour later. We were there for 9 hours and the boys were exhausted when we left.
Corbin got Ryan to go on Thunderation first thing when we got there. Ryan was then sick the rest of the day. Maybe mommy should have went instead.

This was the first time the boys rode the frogs without me since Max is tall enough now. Max rode so many rides, and he loved them all!

One of the boys favorite things at SDC is the ball area. Max loved shooting the balls at people.

We had a great day at SDC. The boys loved the lights on the big tree and the parade. We already have our season passes for next year. We also got passes for White Water for 2011 so we will be spending a lot of time in Branson. I can't wait!

Christmas morning

Christmas morning is obviously one of my favorite days of the year. Nothing makes me happier than watching my boys tear into their gifts and seeing their faces light up. I was so surprised that the boys actually slept until 8:00 this year. Normally we are up by 6 or 7.

The first thing they did was check out their stocking. They were so excited to see Pez in their, they both love Pez.
Look at that sweet face opening up his presents.

Could his smile be any bigger?

Max's big gift was a VSmile Motion.

Corbin got a game table. He is turning into such a big boy now.

Getting ready for Santa

Corbin wrote a note to Santa this year explaining what he had left for him. He left the traditional cookies but instead of milk he went with fruit punch. He also left 16 grapes, 2 for each reindeer. He is such a thoughtful boy.

They aren't always this sweet but when they know Santa is about to come they can fake it.

This is what it looked like after Santa came.

New Christmas Eve Tradition

For years we have talked about getting involved with the Ronald McDonald House Family Dinner Program but have never found the time. This year we decided to make the time for it and we chose Christmas Eve as our night to prepare and serve dinner to the families staying there.
We made lasagne, parmesan chicken, salad and bread and brought lots of yummy desserts including Christmas cookies, chocolate cake and cheesecake.

Corbin wanted to be in charge of getting drinks for everyone. He wrote down what the choices were and marked what everyone wanted.

Here he is filling up the cups with ice.

Max just wanted to play with Buzz and eat cookies.

Christmas Card picture

I was trying to get a picture of the boys to put in our Christmas cards this year so I had them put on their Christmas pjs and sit by the tree. It turned into quite a laugh fest.

How about these faces?
Doesn't Corbin look like he's up to no good here?

Max looks so sweet and innocent, who is he fooling?

What is so funny Max?

This one was the winner, two pefect faces.