The Allie's

The Allie's

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Go Bluejays!

A few weeks ago the boys basketball team at Clever made it to the final four state championship. Their first game was on a Thursday afternoon so school was cancelled so that students and faculty could attend. We had been to the sectional championship game the week before and Corbin loved it so he immediately asked if we could go to the game in Columbia. We rode to the game with our friends, the Pellham's. The drive was a little wild because Corbin got car sick and threw up all over their car. Oops! But we made it there and then the real fun began. Corbin wanted to paint his face and spray his hair blue and white. He had a lot of team spirit. He ended up not really watching much of the game because he was more into his DS but he enjoyed just being there. It was a fun day and hopefully a lasting memory was made for him!

Corbin and I at the game--go Bluejays!

Corbin, Colton and Grant
All the kids getting ready to head into the game, notice the car was even sporting some school spirit!