The Allie's

The Allie's

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Corbin's first loose tooth

Corbin has his first loose tooth! He has been wanting to lose a tooth for over a year now. He keeps thinking it is just about to fall out. Unfortunately it still has a little ways to go. Hopefully it will be soon.

Carrie Underwood

I am a HUGE fan of Carrie Underwood. I loved her from the first moment I saw her on American Idol. I think she is an amazing singer and a great role model for kids. When it was announced back in February that she would be coming to Springfield I knew right that I wanted to go. Unfortunately the tickets sold out in under 2 hours and even though I tried I was not able to get tickets. The day of they show I just happened to be in the car listening to the radio when they announced that more seats had become available. So I called and was able to get us tickets. Corbin wanted to go with us too. He is also a big fan. It was a GREAT concert! She sounds great live and definitely keeps you entertained. I am so glad we went! And I hope it is something Corbin will always remember.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Corbin turns 6!

Corbin had a great birthday party this year. He has 3 of his friends over for water play and a movie. The water play turned in to just playing with water guns and the boys loved it. They also ate pizza, watermelon, ice cream and cake. Then they played with Legos and watched a movie. The next morning they had pancakes for breakfast. It was a fun night!

All the boys eating cake and ice cream.

The table with all his gifts and cupcakes.

Grant and Carson

The birthday boy!

Grant, Carson, Corbin and Taren. This looks dangerous!